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Hosted Buyer Programme

Future Power Expo, will host a VIP & hosted buyer programme to drive investments in the most innovative cleantech, carbon capture and sustainability technologies.

The purpose of the VIP/Hosted Buyers program is to facilitate business transactions and create networking opportunities for the Exhibitors and Buyers through our B2B matchmaking service provided online and on-site at the event thus increasing the ROI for exhibitors.

To bring representation from the entire power value chain under one roof to discuss pain points, engineer solutions, drive cost effectiveness, efficiency and to move projects forward.

Members will have exclusive access to innovators and influencers, world class hospitality and lounges, with a dedicated itinerary including technology talks, investment pitches combined with matchmaking and networking.

Investments in the next generation technologies and pioneers of tomorrow will accelerate the kingdom’s economic transformation, boosting electricity diversification and driving digital technologies.

Benefits of being a Buyer at Future Power Expo

A chance to be part of Future Power Expo's Steering Committee

Expand your network of high-level stakeholders and energy professionals

Connect one-to-one with trusted exhibitors and discuss solutions for Saudi Arabia

Be at the forefront of investment & funding decisions made on-site

Full access to Future Power Expo's Conference & exclusive access to focus groups

The Who’s Who Of VIPS & Hosted Buyers

  • Ministers, Undersecretaries, Technical Advisors, Ambassadors, Trade Commissioners
  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Energy Transition Officer
  • Utilities & Regulatory Authority Heads, Head of Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Head of Engineering, Head of Investment, Head of Procurement – Developers, Contractors, Consultants
  • Owners of Dealers & Distributors, Wholesalers
  • Investors, Financial Institutions, Legal, NGOs
  • Associations, Partners
  • IPPs, Interconnectivity Power projects, Power Pools
  • Steel Companies, Mining Companies, Data Centres, Hospitals

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