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Smart Solutions

The energy sector has seen a dramatic increase in digitalisation and Covid-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the shift further, with its market set to grow to $64 billion by 2025. By tapping into the enormous potential of cutting-edge technologies such as industrial automation, IoT, smart devices, cybersecurity, machine learning and advanced data analytics, businesses can have greater resiliency and improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Governments, utilities and private companies alike are combatting climate change by embracing these technological advancements ensuring more economical, reliable and energy-efficient power while also facing challenges such as security and privacy risks and disrupting markets and systems.

At Future Power Expo 2024, you can expect to meet with the market-makers defining smart governmental policies, commissioning new projects, and deciding on investment incentives. Given the proliferation of digitalisation, Future Power Expo will have a Smart Solutions Zone where exhibitors can amplify their presence in the market and discover how these technologies can prepare their business for 2024 and beyond.

At Future Power Expo

  • Engage with decision-makers and key stakeholders looking for ways to capitalise on the tremendous growth opportunities offered by the shift to a digitalised landscape.
  • Gain traction in an industry ripe for the adoption of digital optimisation to boost efficiency and profitability.
  • Interact and watch product demos with energy suppliers that will help address your challenges.
  • Be part of helping energy companies reinvent themselves as digital champions.
  • Play an active role in the MENA region’s fast-track trajectory towards a digitalised future.
  • Gain more information on current and future trends and challenges expected in the digitalisation space.

Who will you meet?

If your organisation provides the following products or services, the Smart Solutions Zone is where you need to be:

  • Dealers & distributors
  • Procurement & purchasing
  • Contractors - mep/epc/main
  • Project managers
  • Engineers - mechanical/electrical
  • Operations
  • Sub-contractors
  • Utilities
  • Municipal authorities
  • Government
  • Independant power producers
  • Facilities management
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Power industry consultants

Smart Solutions industry in numbers

The global market for digitalisation in the energy sector is expected to grow to

$79bn by 2026

Digitalisation is expected to boost the energy sector's profitability by

20 - 30%