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Solar Energy Forum

Stage: Energise

Date: 27 November 2024


The Solar Energy Forum will provide a platform for industry leaders, policymakers and private sector entities to come together and unlock new opportunities for growth and development in the solar power sector, whilst also bringing forth new and underway solar power projects and innovative technology that will drive future electricity systems.

Key Topics

Conference Agenda


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening remarks by the Forum Chairperson


Keynote: Looking ahead – how solar power is shaping the future of electricity?


Executive think tank panel: Solar and storage and grid integration for utility and C&I projects

  • The role of partnerships and collaboration in driving long duration energy storage
  • Renewable hybrid power plants – The new normal
  • Battery energy storage for your business: Opportunities and best practices
  • Challenges of integrating renewables into today’s power grids


Executive think tank panel: Solar energy supply chain challenges and solutions

  • Solar Power and Sustainability: Project planning to supply chain transparency
  • Navigating the Solar Supply Chain: Strategies for sustainable growth and optimising efficiency
  • Harmonising demand and supply: Strategies for a resilient solar industry supply chain
  • Unveiling opportunities within the solar energy supply chain 


Networking break


Executive think tank panel: What’s hot in solar technology?

  • New tech trends to lower costs and improve solar product functionality
  • What’s hot in PV wafer to cells and modules today and tomorrow?
  • What is really crucial right now: Fixed and tracking mounting system trends for decreasing cost and increasing yield?
  • Smart and super essential: The growing role of solar inverters as the brain of solar power systems and beyond
  • How to improve sustainability of solar products? 


Networking break


Fireside chat: Solar has become the lowest cost power generation technology. What’s next?


Case study: Accelerating off-grid project development 


Executive think tank panel: Best practices for innovative batteries, new technologies and lighthouse projects

  • Harnessing the power of seasons: The role of rechargeable Zn-MnO² batteries in seasonal energy storage
  • CEGASA – Preserve quality and create innovation to ease transition towards sustainable batteries, merging off- and on-grid
  • The power of synergy: bridging grid stability with food security


Fireside chat: Off-grid innovative systems

  • Making innovations work in off-grid power systems
  • Field experience with grid-tie solar inverters in backup applications
  • Phaesun and its present off-grid system innovations


Fireside chat: Hybrid PV power plants – strategies from companies procuring 100% renewable energy at the time of use

  • Decarbonising the grid with 24/7 clean power purchase agreements
  • Firm power generation – technologies and economics of 24/365 power supply with intermittent renewables
  • Why 24/7 carbon free energy supply is the next Big Thing for corporate power supply?
  • Means to enable renewables-based power supply around the clock


Fireside chat: AI and the solar industry making way for the future

  • Solar – a great choice to help achieve energy independence?
  • How will AI make residential solar installations cheaper and faster?
  • What improvements can AI make for the solar industry right now, and in the future?
  • Can AI reduce the costs of solar panel systems?
  • Expected applications of AI in the solar energy sector


Summary and closing remarks