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Green Hydrogen Forum

Stage: Energise

Date: 26 November 2024


Despite the technical and cost hurdles, cross-border trade in hydrogen holds the potential to create a new world of energy exporters and create new global alliances for shared prosperity. International cooperation in governance and investment strategies to scale up hydrogen value chains is crucial. This collaboration can minimise the risk of market fragmentation, prevent reliance on outdated technologies and lessen potential geo-economic implications.

The Green Hydrogen Forum at the Future Power Expo 2024 will explore strategic blueprints, insights, technological breakthroughs, and operational best practices for scaling hydrogen’s potential globally to propel business leaders along the hydrogen value chain into a thriving future.

Key Topics

Benefits of Attending

  • Discuss the potential of Green Hydrogen to create a new industrial sector
  • Analyse the technical and geopolitical implications of a future hydrogen economy
  • Gain insights into the top trends in the hydrogen market and hydrogen technology worldwide
  • Explore the competitiveness of hydrogen-fueled gas turbines and other production technology in future energy systems
  • Debate differing engineering perspectives on the feasibility of scaling up green hydrogen supply 

Conference Agenda


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening remarks by the Forum Chairperson


Keynote: Setting the stage – A hydrogen economy for shared prosperity


Executive Think Tank Panel: Hydrogen infrastructure deployment - bold strategies for progress

  • Global policies related to scaling up the production and use of Green Hydrogen
  • International collaboration: mitigating risks and fostering growth
  • What infrastructure exists and what will be required
  • Where infrastructure investment should be prioritised
  • Creating industrial clusters – gathering hydrogen supply and demand


Networking break


Creating sustainable solutions for the world – the KSA Green Hydrogen project


Executive Think Tank Panel: Optimising hydrogen production, storage, and distribution systems for system integration

  • Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems: Method for optimising the operation of participants within an integrated energy system
  • Improving economic efficiency, i.e., meeting energy supply needs
  • An optimal operating strategy for an integrated energy system consisting of renewable energy production and hydrogen storage
  • How can hydrogen storage systems be used as energy storage and energy carrier?
  • Hydrogen storage and transportation technologies – cost and supply chain analysis


Networking break


Keynote: Five-year predictions on hydrogen investment across the value chain


Panel Discussion: State-of-the-art: Recent developments in hydrogen production technologies

  • Hydrogen technology supply and current demand
  • Green electrolysis and other key advances in production technologies
  • Strategies for fostering the development of green hydrogen energy technology


Fireside Chat: Increasing demand and other enablers for the more-cost effective production of green hydrogen


Panel Discussion: Hydrogen safety regulations and compliance: What needs to be known for a safe hydrogen infrastructure?

  • Important elements in the design of safe hydrogen systems
  • Meeting safety challenges in the emerging hydrogen economy
  • Applications and safety considerations
  • Assessing the risks – planning for safety


Fireside Chat: Unveiling the potential of green hydrogen globally and exploring future markets


Summary and closing remarks