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Gas and Power Forum

Stage: Energise

Date: 28 November 2024


In power generation, operators are under increasing pressure to limit costs and enhance flexibility in the rapidly changing energy market. Unsurprisingly, gas and power generation plants require high reliability to curtail cost-intensive and critical downtimes. The Gas and Power Forum at the Future Power Expo in Saudi Arabia is set to be a pivotal event addressing the evolving energy landscape - with innovative technology, from AI to advanced turbine technology, to strategic blueprints of the future-ready power plant.

The forum will focus on the challenges and opportunities within gas and power plant operations, including the need for efficient resource management, the integration of renewable energy sources, and the development of robust infrastructure to support future demand trends and securing a resilient energy future.

The forum aims to foster collaboration among industry leaders, policymakers, and technology innovators to unlock new opportunities for growth and development by addressing critical topics in gas and power. With substantial investments and strategic initiatives underway, the forum will provide a platform to share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions that will shape the future of energy systems.

Key Topics

Benefits of attending

  • Evaluate emerging opportunities within gas to power operations, including efficient resource management, renewable energy integration, and infrastructure development
  • Explore strategies to balance immediate energy demands with investments in long-term sustainable solutions, critical for the growth of the power generation market
  • Discover cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches for energy storage, smart grid implementations, and resource management to enhance efficiency
  • Examine solutions to the technical and operational challenges of integrating renewable sources with traditional gas-powered systems

Conference Agenda


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening remarks by the Forum Chairperson


Keynote: The strategic role of gas in future energy systems


Opening panel: Innovation in gas infrastructure: the backbone for the global energy transition?

  • Highlight case studies where digital transformation has led to improved monitoring, predictive maintenance, and overall efficiency in gas pipeline networks and facilities.
  • Focus on sustainable practices in the design, construction, and operation of gas infrastructure, including the reduction of methane emissions and the incorporation of renewable energy sources to support hybrid energy systems.
  • Explore the use of renewable natural gas feedstock when used for combined heat and power applications


Strategic panel discussion: Optimising gas-to-power infrastructure for enhanced efficiency


Networking break


Keynote: Advancements in turbine efficiency


Keynote: Enhancing grid stability with hybrid power systems


Fireside chat: Integrating renewable energies into the gas-to-power value chain


Keynote: The impact of digitalisation on energy efficiency


Fireside chat: Navigating the investment landscape in gas and renewable energy


Panel discussion: Risk management in evolving energy markets

  • Discuss strategies for diversifying energy sources and securing long-term contracts to mitigate geopolitical risks and ensure energy security.
  • Discuss financial instruments and hedging strategies that companies can use to manage price risks and maintain stability in volatile markets.
  • Explore best practices for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, managing legal risks, and staying ahead of policy changes to maintain operational and financial performance


Summary and closing remarks