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E-mobility and Battery Forum

Stage: Supercharge

Date: 28 November 2024


The E-Mobility and Battery Forum at the Future Power Expo in Saudi Arabia aims to explore the forefront of electric vehicles and energy storage technologies, addressing the critical role they play in future mobility and the global automotive market. The industry faces challenges such as the high initial costs of EV infrastructure, the need for extensive charging networks, EV battery production costs and global supply chain disruptions affecting EV production and supply.

Despite these challenges, significant opportunities lie ahead. Potential solutions to be explored at the forum include innovative financing mechanisms for EV infrastructure, advancements in battery technology to enhance energy density and reduce costs, (PPPs) in advancing the energy sector and innovative financial models for funding energy solutions.

The goal of the E-Mobility and Battery Forum is to facilitate collaboration among industry stakeholders, policymakers, and innovators, fostering a sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. By addressing these critical topics, the conference aims to unlock new value streams, drive economic growth, and contribute to the global efforts to Net Zero. 

Key Topics

Benefits of Attending

  • Examine innovative solutions and best practices to develop local supply chains for EV manufacturing
  • Recognise the role of battery technology in facilitating E-Mobility markets
  • Discover innovative financing mechanisms for developing EV infrastructure and advancing energy storage solutions
  • Understand how the transition to e-mobility and advanced energy storage solutions can unlock new value streams and drive economic growth
  • Benefit from the insights of global technology leaders and local manufacturing experts
  • Understand how recent investments and partnerships are set to boost the EV market in Saudi Arabia

Conference Agenda


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening remarks by the Committee Chairperson


Keynote: Accelerating the global E-Mobility market


Strategic panel discussion: Building the future of electric heavy goods vehicle networks

  • Discuss the evolution of HGV charging infrastructure, along with current state and future projections, technological innovations and policy and regulatory support
  • Understand the transition towards electric fleets, with challenges and solutions, impact on logistics and supply chain and sustainability and emissions reductions
  • Explore the role of ultra-rapid charging hubs, with strategic placement and network design, technological capabilities and business models and collaborations


Expert panel discussion: Ensuring safety at high-powered EV charging stations

  • Discuss the current standards and regulations governing the safety of high-powered EV charging stations. Highlight any recent updates or anticipated changes in safety protocols.
  • Explore the processes and tools used for assessing and managing risks at high-powered charging stations, including predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and emergency response plans.
  • Examine the latest protective technologies and innovations designed to enhance safety, such as advanced insulation materials, automated shutoff mechanisms, and fire suppression systems.
  • Share best practices in the design and engineering of charging stations to ensure maximum safety, including ergonomic design, clear signage, and robust infrastructure.
  • Emphasise the need for continuous improvement and innovation in safety practices.
  • Explore how data analytics, AI, and IoT can be leveraged to enhance safety monitoring and proactive risk management.


Networking break


Keynote: Grid integration challenges for EVs in Saudi Arabia


Keynote: Driving innovation to enhance safety and efficiency in EV charging infrastructure


Keynote: Leveraging commercial opportunities in destination EV Charging


Panel discussion: Utilising data analytics for optimal placement of EV charging stations

  • Explore the latest techniques for collecting and analyzing data, such as IoT sensors, GPS tracking, mobile apps, and smart grid data. Discuss how these methods improve the accuracy and reliability of data-driven decisions
  • Explore the use of predictive analytics and machine learning models to forecast demand for EV charging and identify ideal locations based on historical and real-time data
  • Highlight the role of collaboration between government agencies, utility companies, and private sector stakeholders in leveraging data analytics for strategic planning and deployment of EV charging infrastructure


Smart charging standards and impacts in Saudi Arabia


Panel discussion: Financial and operational benefits of integrated battery storage for EV charging

  • Discuss the integration of battery storage systems with EV charging
  • Exploring the enhancing grid management and cost-effectiveness
  • Discussing in detail on case studies on financial benefits of integrated systems


Advancing corporate EV Programs in local businesses


Revolutionising battery technology and recycling


Innovative panel discussion: Last-mile delivery solutions in urban centres

  • Discuss various sustainable delivery methods being implemented in urban centers, such as electric delivery vans, bicycles, and pedestrian couriers.
  • Explore the adoption of green logistics practices, including packaging reduction, route optimisation, and the use of renewable energy sources for delivery fleets
  • Evaluate the role of urban planning and government policies in supporting congestion reduction, such as implementing low-emission zones, providing incentives for green deliveries, and investing in smart city infrastructure
  • Insights from pilot projects involving electric bikes, drones, and automated vehicles.
  • Discuss the scalability of these solutions and the potential for widespread adoption in urban areas.


Closing keynote address: Pioneering the future of sustainable E-Mobility and innovation


Summary and closing remarks