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Digital Transformation Forum

Stage: Supercharge

Date: 26 November 2024


The Digital Transformation Forum at the Future Power Expo 2024 is poised to explore and showcase cutting-edge technological solutions that promise to revolutionize the energy sector globally. With digital technology becoming increasingly integral to all aspects of grid operations, this forum offers a vital platform for discussing, collaborating, and innovating. By bringing together industry leaders and experts, the event aims to pave the way for a future where digitalisation drives efficiency, sustainability, and growth in the kingdom's electricity sector. 

Despite the promising outlook, the energy sector faces several challenges, including the integration of renewable energy sources, the modernisation of aging infrastructure, and the management of cybersecurity risks. However, these challenges also present substantial opportunities for innovation and growth.

Potential solutions include adopting advanced analytics and AI for predictive maintenance, enhancing grid resilience, and fostering international grid connectivity to ensure a stable and efficient energy supply. 

The Digital Transformation Forum aims to address these challenges by facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration among stakeholders. The goal is to unlock the untapped value of digital technologies, driving the sector toward greater sustainability and efficiency. The conference's value lies in its ability to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise, ultimately contributing to the realisation of Saudi Arabia's vision for a digitally transformed and sustainable energy future.

Key Topics

Benefits of Attending

  • Explore potential solutions to critical challenges facing the energy sector, such as integrating renewable energy sources, modernizing infrastructure, and managing cybersecurity risks.
  • Discover innovative solutions that can drive efficiency, sustainability, and growth in grid operations.
  • Apply valuable lessons and strategies that can be applied to enhance grid resilience, predictive maintenance, and international grid connectivity.
  • Develop a roadmap to a sustainable and digitally transformed energy sector.

Conference Agenda


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening remarks by the Committee Chairperson


Keynote: Digital transformation roadmap for KSA's energy sector


Opening panel: Top global trends for smart grid innovations and their impact on energy infrastructure

  • Investigating emerging technologies and trends likely to shape the future of smart grids in the next decade
  • Discussing the main challenges or barriers to implementing technologies and solutions to overcome them
  • Identifying the most significant practical benefits that consumers and utility companies can expect from smart grid technologies
  • Assessing the anticipated economic benefits of smart grid innovations for both the national economy and individual consumers


Next Gen Panel: Next-generation grid infrastructure for sustainable growth

  • Examine the key components of next-generation grid infrastructure necessary to support rapid urbanisation and industrial growth in Saudi Arabia
  • Discuss the integration of advanced grid technologies that enhance capacity, efficiency, and reliability to meet future energy demands
  • Explore how big data and advanced analytics can be utilized to optimise grid management, improve decision-making, and predict future energy trends
  • Highlight successful case studies where data-driven approaches have significantly improved grid operations and sustainability
  • Identify key policy initiatives and regulatory changes needed to accelerate the adoption of innovative grid solutions and ensure long-term sustainability


Networking break


Panel: Leveraging AI and advanced analytics for predictive maintenance

  • Understand the impact of AI and advanced analytics on reducing maintenance costs and preventing unplanned downtime
  • Real-world applications and case studies showcasing the successful integration of AI in predictive maintenance
  • Discussing the challenges and solutions in implementing AI-driven predictive maintenance across large-scale operations


Keynote: Harnessing Big Data analytics for energy optimisation


Fireside chat: AI and Machine Learning applications in energy management


Keynote: Investing in the future: Financing digital transformation in energy


Fireside chat: Lessons from global leaders on building sustainable energy infrastructure


Fireside chat: Digital twin technology for asset performance optimisation


Fireside chat: IoT Solutions for real-time monitoring and control


Panel: Cybersecurity imperatives for a digitally enabled energy ecosystem

  • Discussing the most critical cybersecurity threats facing the digitalised energy landscape
  • Best practices for developing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks
  • Exploring the use of AI, machine learning, and blockchain for enhanced cybersecurity
  • Collaboration between technology providers and energy companies to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions


Summary and closing remarks